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This is a preview area for miscellaneous Open Source code of mine that hasn't (yet) been published in its own web page or site.

All code listed in this directory on this server is copyrighted by Ian Kluft and released under the GNU General Public License Version 2.

Every professional programmer writes at least one version of this script. It runs "make" and keeps a log of the output in case there were any errors. This one saves old logs too. Written in Bourne Shell. (download 0.6K text)
The picture posting tools which I use to make my web page picture galleries. Written in Perl 5. (download 10K .tgz)
Vote::STV perl module
(version 0.5 released January 1, 2008)
A CGI interface and perl module to handle a Single-Transferable Vote (preference vote). Written in Perl 5. (download 22K .tgz)
wp2html - Waypoint list to HTML converter
The conversion script I use to post waypoint lists from my GPS such as the San Jose VTA light rail waypoints (posted in 2001 to assist VTA with collecting this info) or my general waypoint list. Written in Perl 5. (download 10K text)
maxlat.pl - Compute maximum latitude along a Great Circle route
This is a quick script I wrote to implement a formula to compute the maximum latitude used on a Great Circle route. Written in Perl 5. (download 1K text)
translate.pl - redirect web server alias names to server name on Apache 2.0
This is a mod_perl translation handler for Apache 2.0 to redirect requests to the primary server name when it arrives on an alias name. It works correctly for virtual servers. (download 1.5K text)
Device::Geiger::Aware perl module
(version 0.1, released July 13, 2004) A module to read Aware Electronics geiger counters. This is rough, minimally-documented code. But it runs - it was used for "Background Radiation Measurements near Port Chicago". (version 0.2, released July 23, 2004) fix bug on opening serial port, changed returned data format to include cpm in addition to uR/hr. (download 12.9K .tgz)
gps-geiger - GPS and geiger counter data logging
(version 0.1, released July 13, 2004) This depends on Device::Geiger::Aware to read the geiger counter. It correlates GPS NMEA data with geiger counter inputs and logs them for later graphing. This uses the Linux-specific TIOCGICOUNT ioctl so it won't work on other OS's yet. (Patches accepted.) It was used for "Background Radiation Measurements near Port Chicago". (version 0.2, released July 23, 2004) Update to capture cpm in addition to previous uR/hr from Device::Geiger::Aware. (download 11K text)
geiger-map - draws an image of a route and data from gps-geiger
(version 0.1, released July 13, 2004) This takes a log from gps-geiger and draws a map with colors for the various levels of radiation detected. It's based on the RidePlot software that I founded. I wanted to modify RidePlot for this purpose but, for now, it's too different. This serves as an ad-hoc experiment to get the concept working. And then the intent is to move it back into RidePlot when the differences are better understood. It was used for "Background Radiation Measurements near Port Chicago". (version 0.2, released July 23, 2004) Replaced inefficient averaging algorithm which took an hour to generate an image. The new algorithm puts data points into "buckets" for each pixel and then averages or chooses the maximum number, as selected on the command-line. The color gradients are now controllable from the command-line as well. And it runs in seconds. (download 12K text)
watermark - adds a watermark to a JPEG or PNG image
I have use this script to add watermarks to images for web posting. This fell into disuse after I installed Apache::Gallery on the web server. Written in Perl 5. (download 1K text)
get-twitter-rss - get a user's Twitter posts (tweets) via their RSS feed
This is the script I use to post my Twitter updates on my home page. Written in Perl 5. (download 9K text)
Template Toolkit 2 (TT2) patch for Apache::Gallery
I patched Apache::Gallery 1.0.1 to add support for Template Toolkit 2 in addition to the Text::Template that it was originally written for. This has been submitted to the author. (download patch 78K) (download tarball 95K) March 22, 2011

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